For those who have always wanted to earn a master’s degree, it is now possible to earn one online. The interest rate for these online programs also has a high enrollment rate. If there is an interest in enrolling in an online program to obtain a master’s degree, there are 7 programs available that have a high rate in both interest and enrollment. Master of Public Administration is the most popular program. This program teaches students a variety of focuses, such as redevelopment, financial management, budgeting, quantitative methods, personal management, and urban planning, just to name a few. There are many vocational paths that are made possible with this degree, such as becoming a personnel manager, policy analyst, director for a nonprofit organization, and even a legislative advisor. Another commonly taken online master’s degree is Master of Business Administration. In this program, vocation choices include business law, corporate finance, statistics, and marketing. If you take this master’s degree online, you can become a future administrator, and manager or supervisor. The Master of Science in Psychology is another popularly enrolled degree program. Among the courses of study are behavioral studies, psychological assessment, and even legal and ethical issues. The success of landing a successful career is going to thank you for enrolling in one of the many schools available to you for earning a good master’s degree in Psychology. Many also seek out a Master of Arts in Education degree. If you wish to become a teacher, in some states and universities, having a master’s degree in Education is a requirement. It has been discovered that people obtaining their Education master’s degree online actually assists them to advance and teach at a higher level. If none of those programs are of interest to you, perhaps earning a Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice could be another option. Having masters from this program allows its graduates to land a career in criminal investigation, forensic science, as well as law enforcement. Like many degrees, having a Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice can lead to landing a career in the FBI, teaching criminal science, or even being promoted to be the chief of police. Another popular master’s degree offered online is obtaining a Master of Public Health. If you work in the public health field but wish to advance, this program can help make that happen. These advancements include becoming a program coordinator, a health consultant, or an administrator. Lastly, the Master of Science in Information Technology is the other degree program offered to you online. If this is the degree for you, you will be trained in many areas, such as software development, networking, information security, decision support systems, and business information systems. With increasing need for more experts in information technology, graduates of Master of Science in Information Technology will face many opportunities for career advancement. These are among the most popular online master’s programs. Knowing the top master’s degrees that people take online gives you a picture of jobs that are in great demand. It is important that you decide for yourself which master’s degree program you wish to enroll. To sum up, you can obtain the skills and knowledge you will need to make it to the top of your career by first enrolling in one of these seven master’s degree online programs. Not only will you have more qualifications, but also the chance for you to be chosen for a higher position is also greater. Having a graduate degree is a must if you desire to go up the ranks.